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Oscar Donde https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3092-789X



Dear PASJ Readers,

On behalf of the editorial board of Pan African Science Journal (PASJ), I take this opportunity to introduce to you Pan African Science Journal (PASJ) which is a new journal with focus on physical and life sciences. The PASJ publishes on a bi-monthly basis. We publish editorial notes, review articles, full research articles, letters to and case studies on all aspects of physical and life sciences under the topics of Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Public Health, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Botany, Zoology, Environmental Ecology and Fisheries & Aquatic Ecology. PASJ editorial team consists of young and vibrant scientists and academicians from various parts of the world whose scientific specializations covers all the designated journal topics. The highly qualified and dedicated expert editorial team will endeavor to professionally guide the entire PASJ publication process. 

PASJ comes as a unique international journal whose major focus is to promote African scientific works and publication standards through contribution to the dissemination of scientific knowledge and opinion that emanate from Africa and beyond. PASJ’s main aim is to upscale the quality of scientific output, specifically by Africans/within Africa, through playing a pivotal role in affordably, effectively and efficiently publishing of high-quality scientific work, while adhering to and upholding all the internationally binding scientific publication ethics and standards. It aims at bridging the wide gap that exists in scientific publication output between the researchers/academicians from developed and developing countries such as African nations. The inauguration of PASJ comes at a time when the contribution of science to solving major global problems such as climate change, food insecurity, environmental pollution and emerging infectious diseases such as the COVID 19 is key. I hope that we will support each other in this journey to progress and ensure that the PASJ professionally drives its mandate and continue to achieve the purpose for its formation to ensure that it becomes a reputable Journal of choice in Africa and beyond.

Thank you, and we welcome you as we engage and corporate in this new and exciting journey.

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